Breast Correction Surgery Conference


Dear Colleagues,

It is in common knowledge that plastic and aesthetic breast surgery is rapidly growing and developing. This fact is reflected in numerous annual statistics. The range of techniques is widening both on reconstruction and aesthetic field. Moreover, the recent researches showed that the breast is an organ where the cancer is the most frequent. As a result, breast correction needs to be supported not only by plastic surgery, but also by deep oncological knowledge. Psychological aspects seem to be equally important, because they are often determining the subjective patients’ opinions on the operation effect. In order to come up to this contemporary challenges I decided to organize an interdisciplinary conference devoted to the breast correction surgery.

My intention is to hold the meeting at advanced level. It is addressed to plastic surgeons or other specialists who have already acquired and want to extend their knowledge about the breast surgery which will be the meeting objective.

By selecting lectures and subjects I wanted to put a particular emphasis on the treatment of difficult cases, including complications. I am concerned that one of the most engaging and interesting lectures will be held by Professor Per Heden who is a considerable authority in breast surgery. I hope that we will benefit from this unique opportunity not only by listening to his lectures, but also by participating actively in round table discussion focused on difficult cases.

Taking into consideration the presence of our younger colleagues we are also organizing special workshop. During this time, they will have a chance to broaden their practical knowledge about the breast surgery. I am extremely grateful to Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgery and Polish Society of Surgical Oncology for taking our event under an official patronage.

Once again I invite you to join us at our conference in Poznań. I hope that the time you will spend here will be pleasant and worth your efforts.

Jerzy Kolasiński (M.D., Ph.D.)

Video report from the conference